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    410FTB Aeration Air Flow Meter
    410FTB Aeration Air

    Flow Meter
    The 410FTB Insertion Mass Flow meter
    allows for significant energy savings.
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    Series 255 Flow Averaging Transmitter
    Series 255 Flow

    Averaging Transmitter
    The Series 255 Flow Averaging Transmitter
    continuously analyzes and reports flow rates in
    large ducts or stacks that have non-uniform or
    unstable velocity/temperature profiles.
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    Wet Gas MultiPoint Flow Meters
    Wet Gas Multipoint

    Flow Meters
    Insertion multipoint thermal mass flow meters
    for condensing gas applications found in stack gas,
    biogas, emission monitoring and fan inlets.
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    Insertion Mass Flow Meter
    Single Point Flow Meters
    The Kurz single-point flow meters incorporate advanced
    microprocessor and electronics technology to provide
    accurate and realtime flow measurements, diagnostics,
    and control in a variety of dry and wet gas environments.
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    Multipoint Mass Flow Meter
    Multipoint Flow Meters
    Kurz multipoint insertion flow meters use up to four sensors for
    measurement redundancy and to ensure accuracy. Its rugged
    design withstands the high stress and high vibrations found
    in large industrial ducts and stacks that commonly have
    wide-ranging velocity and temperature profiles.
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    In-Line Mass Flow Meter
    In-Line Flow Meters
    Kurz in-line flow meters provide a high degree of measurement
    and control accuracy for demanding applications.
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    WET GAS Insertion Flow Meters
    Wet Gas Single Point

    Flow Meters
    Insertion thermal mass flow meters for condensing gas
    environment found in digester, landfill, animal feeding
    operations, and other biogas applications.
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    Portable Flow Meters
    Portable Flow Meters
    The Series 2440 are rugged and reliable portable thermal
    air velocity meters for nearly all flow measurement
    applications. The five models range from lab grade
    to heavy duty to industrial high heat.
Insertion, In-Line, Multipoint & Portable Flow Meters Monitoring and Measuring Industrial Gas Flows for Stacks, Ducts, Flares, Emissions,
Biogas, Chemical Processes, Condensing Gases, and Pressurized Gases.